Scott Lloyd Is an Asshole, Also Incompetent 


We already knew that Scott Lloyd, the anti-abortion crusader who is head of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, is a cruel little piece of shit; but now we also know that he is an incompetent piece of shit who may also get fired.

As Politico reported, Lynn Johnson, a top official at the Department of Health and Human Services, is now undergoing a “top to bottom” review of the refugee resettlement program, and that includes examining Lloyd’s role in the family separation crisis.

Lloyd sure sounds like someone who knew what he was doing:

For instance, three individuals with knowledge of the operation said Lloyd made decisions that complicated reunifications. For instance, the office did not keep a spreadsheet tracking separated families.
As the crisis mounted, and HHS scrambled to determine how many migrant children had been separated from their parents, Azar learned that Lloyd’s office had yet to review hundreds of case files to understand the scope of the problem, despite being instructed to do so. Azar began reviewing case files personally that night.

According to several sources, Alex Azar, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services who is no prince himself, was so frustrated by Lloyd’s complete inability to do his job that he was reportedly “removed” from day-to-day operations as ORR director. What has he been doing since then? Writing more anti-abortion screeds? Trying to deprive teens of their basic rights? Getting vampire facials? Who knows!

Despite his failures, Johnson, a former human services director in Colorado, had only good things to say about Lloyd. “He’s on top of it,” she told Politico. “I have not locked in with a decision that he needs to be gone at all,” Johnson added.


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