Second Escaped Inmate Shot and in Police Custody


After a three-week-long manhunt, prison escapee David Sweat was found and shot by a state trooper on Sunday. Sweat, 35, was discovered in the town of Constable. Authorities believed he was heading towards the Canadian border.

The New York Times has details of the confrontation:

The shooting occurred after a State Police sergeant saw Mr. Sweat walking down a road toward him, according to one of the people. The sergeant ordered Mr. Sweat to stop, but he broke into a run and the sergeant, a firearms instructor, opened fire, the person said.

According to CNN, Sweat was shot twice and taken into custody, then transported to the Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, N.Y. Richard Matt, the other escaped inmate, was shot and killed by a federal agent on Friday. The two men broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, on June 6 with the help of a guard and a prison tailor who allegedly smuggled in tools to aid their escape.

Image via AP.

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