Self-Important Blogger Quits Job After Realizing Blogging Is Hard

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Self-Important Blogger Quits Job After Realizing Blogging Is Hard
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While it may be hard for many readers to believe, blogging is a tough gig. It’s even tougher for people like former president Donald Trump, who has the vocabulary of a first grader and the talent of a mossy rock, yet he decided to ignore logic and follow his dream of being a blogger after he left the White House and lost the one thing that mattered most to him in this life: a captive audience. After just under a month online, the Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s blog is no more due to poor readership. Tough break, kid.

The online ecosystem loses nothing by having Trump’s blog condemned to exist only in faint memory and the Wayback Machine, but one cannot help feel a twinge of sadness at the sudden loss of this media beacon. After all, if Trump’s blog is always at the bottom then it meant that every other blog on the internet was better than at least one competitor. But now the bottom of the barrel has shifted back, and it’s once again just Joe Rogen and bad recipes down there. Scary.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the last the online community sees of Trump. The Post explains that part of the reason for torpedoing the blog was to safeguard Trump’s brand and ensure the upcoming launch of a social media platform that is allegedly arriving at some point this year. One of Trump’s aides told CNBC, “[The blog] was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” which is exactly what I tell my editor whenever I pitch an incredibly bad idea that has no business leaving my brain and entering the atmosphere.

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