Selfie-Hating Church Lady Swoons Over Shirtless Hubby in Deleted Post


Remember Kimberly Hall, the Christian mommy blogger who told teenage girls to stop taking selfies so as not to tempt her saintly, shirtless teenage sons into sin? In a now-deleted post, she divulged that she first spotted her husband when he was a topless 19-year-old — and that his abs really turned her on.

Why did the social media creeper/fan of Biblical double standards recently delete a 2011 post dedicated to shirtless photos of her (relatively bangin’) husband? Maybe it’s because it was all about how she objectified him when he was a 19-year-old — and she just got flack for shaming girls for unintentionally attracting her sons. Luckily, you can still read it on Google cache. Some selections:

Twenty four years ago I spied a nineteen-year-old college boy, shirtless and utterly gorgeous, leaning out his dorm-room window.
If you know David Hall at all, it’s not his general habit to go about shirtless or to hang out of windows, so the vision about swallowed me whole. I can die a happy woman with only the memory of that day.

Wait: teenage girls experience lust, too?

I was feeling sassy-slash-pretty in a breezy white dress. Did I mention he was shirtless? My heart still flutters when I remember it.

I don’t recall much of our conversation after that, but I do remember he did not stop smiling when he saw me coming towards him (this has happened to me before, and it’s never really a good sign). He waved me over and I remember how he leaned that day.
Q. How does one think in straight line when THE ONE is leaning towards you like that? A. You don’t think at all. You just feel…and for a girl that’s not “a feeler” (I often pray that I will cry more), the imprinted feeling of that moment on my soul is more beautiful, and in sharper focus than any photograph I have ever taken..

Woah there, Angela Chase.

It’s too bad she deleted it instead of acknowledging that it’s no one’s fault — not even girls in their P.J.’s or Satan — that young people of all shapes, sizes, and genders are sexual beings.

[Given Breath]

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