Selfie Sticks Are Practical, But Using One Makes You Look Like a Dick


There’s LITERALLY nothing worse than attempting to take a selfie of a large group. People get cut out, everyone has double chins and Kevin Spacey won’t stop trying to push his big head into the center of the photo. If only there was a tool that could solve this! What? There’s something called a monopod or “selfie stick” that can fix all of your selfie woes?! Hooray!

There is one catch though — using a selfie stick will make you look like a total dickwad. Everything comes at a price!

Currently a big trend with teens in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, selfie sticks (actually quite awesomely developed by a 21-year-old Indonesian entrepreneur named Diana Hemas Sari) have begun to gain global popularity with people well-beyond the high school demographic. But like with a lot of teen trends (Silly Bandz, One Direction, hand jobs), the whole thing gets a little goofy once it be becomes popular with groups of full-grown adults.

No one can argue against the practicality of the selfie stick, but, then again, no one can argue against the practicality of umbrella hats either and those are still pretty fucking uncool to use. That said, go selfie stick crazy if the idea appeals to you. Just be prepared to have me and my friend group of trendy Indonesian teens laugh at you when you do because parents ruin everything.

There are alternatives to the selfie stick, by the way: Have a friend with freakishly long arms, bring a caricature artist with you wherever you go, ask someone else to take your photo, etc.

Images via Instagram.

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