Seriously, What Happened To Ali Lohan's Face?

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We haven’t seen Ali Lohan out and about recently. Is it because she was recovering from extensive plastic surgery? She was seen leaving a hair salon with her sister, Lindsay Lohan, yesterday, and she was fairly unrecognizable. The lips, the cheekbones, the jaw, the eyes, the nose, the brows… everything appears to have been tampered with. She was pretty adorable back in 2009 (as seen above on the left), but now, something has… changed. If she did have surgery, her mother, Dina, must have okayed the it, since Ali is only 17. Still: Last month, Ali signed a modeling contract. So perhaps her new look is paying off? (And don’t forget: The her sister has also been accused of fucking with her face.) [The Fab Life, DListed, OMG]

Reese Witherspoon was rushed to the hospital yesterday after being hit by a car while jogging. Apparently Reese was crossing the street when an 84-year-old lady failed to stop her vehicle and struck the actress. Reese has since been released from the hospital and only suffered minor injuries, but we have learned a lesson today, and it is that jogging is hazardous to your health. [TMZ]

Elisabetta Canalis has tattoos on her arms, but the ink has been airbrushed out of her Dancing With The Stars promo pix. It also appears that her waist has been whittled, but that’s to be expected, perhaps. [Us, Fox 411]

I stopped watching Gossip Girl, but I might have to tune in to see Elizabeth Hurley bang Chase Crawford. [X17]

  • Evan Rachel Wood was elbowed in the face while dancing at a club in Paris, and one of her teeth was knocked out. TMZ, your trusted source for thorough and exhaustive journalism, has a picture of the tooth. [TMZ]
  • Curious how Anderson Cooper landed Amy Winehouse‘s family as the first interview on his new show? He donated $30,000 (or more) to the Amy Winehouse foundation. [Page Six]
  • Squee: Anderson Cooper sunbathing with Kathy Griffin! [Radar]
  • Is Lady Gaga dating that hot surfer werewolf from The Vampire Diaries? [Radar]
  • Kendall Jenner, 15, was offered $20,000 to host a Fashion’s Night Out event, but had to back out, because couldn’t get out of school to attend. Oddly, her mother, Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriarch, wants Kendall to finish school before she becomes a cash cow. When I was 15, I was offered $6 an hour to babysit four snotty, smelly boys (brothers) under the age of 10 and I humbly accepted. [Page Six]
  • Mel B named her daughter Madison Brown Belafonte. [Radar]
  • I’m not into SmartWater, but I am into Idris Elba, so I’ll have what he’s having. [The Life Files]
  • “I did this Tony Robbins course in Australia, and I added — slowly — two yoga classes and running. My determination was to add something physical. I want to get back to Pilates.” — Courtney Love. [Page Six]
  • “I’m so glad she didn’t get that nose job.” — Courtney Love on her estranged daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. [Gatecrasher]
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