"Sexually Offensive Conduct With The Plantiff's Breasts": Jesse's Legal Troubles Predate Sandra


Allegations against Jesse James have worsened from philandering to sexual harassment. RadarOnline has published an ex-employee’s old lawsuit, claiming James touched her “with his intimate part including his sexual organ.”

Up to this point, Jesse James fans (does he have those?) have been able to comfort themselves with the rationale that his actions, however unsavory, took place between consenting adults. Not so any longer: RadarOnline has acquired a copy of Deann McClung‘s 2000 lawsuit against James, claiming that he subjected her to harassment and even “sexual battery” while she worked for him at West Coast Choppers. McClung’s accusations against James range from “making lewd glances towards Plaintiff and other women” all the way to groping — the suit reads, “JAMES did have sexually offensive conduct with the Plantiff’s breasts and did cause Plaintiff to have sexually offensive contact with his sexual organ.” McClung also alleges that James harassed her “in a deliberate cold, callous, malicious, oppressive and ensure” and that he fired her when she complained.

It’s worth noting that the suit was filed in 2000 and dismissed in 2001 — Radar says McClung and James settled out of court. This means the alleged harassment took place before James’s 2005 marriage to Sandra Bullock, but — at least according to Wikipedia — during his marriage to first wife Karla James. It’s not clear whether Bullock knew about the allegations. She clearly knew, as photographer Ken Marcus says, that, “This was a guy who was surrounded by porn stars and certain types of women and suddenly he gets married to somebody like Sandra Bullock who does not appear to be anything like that” — but porn actresses don’t have to be unsavory, and hanging around with tattoo models doesn’t necessarily make you an adulterer or a harasser. The problem with James wasn’t the “types of women” he hung around with — it was him.

As more purported mistresses come out of the woodwork, James is getting comparisons to Tiger Woods. The difference, of course, is that people liked Tiger Woods before his affairs broke, whereas no one except Monster Garage fans gave a shit about Jesse James. In fact, one of the rare bits of public praise for James was a Huffington Post article dated just before the Michelle “Bombshell” McGee revelations, in which Marcia Reynolds lauded James for his great marriage to a much more famous woman. Oops. In short, while each new woman was another painful stab at those who idolized Woods, McClung’s suit is just another nail in the already pretty well-sealed coffin of James’s public approval: true or not, her allegations cement the general feeling that he’s a bad guy, he was always a bad guy, and Sandra Bullock can do better.

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