Sharon Osbourne Apparently Thinks She Is the Victim of Her Own Racist Comments

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Sharon Osbourne Apparently Thinks She Is the Victim of Her Own Racist Comments
Image:Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne, a woman who is technically famous for reasons that no one living can remember, will likely be exiting her morning talk show, The Talk, after making racist comments on air, apologizing, and then having old racist comments she made on-air and behind the scenes (allegedly) brought to light. While Osbourne is clearly the villain in this story, she is a victim of “the cancel culture” in her own mind and thus must be compensated for her troubles.

According to Page Six, Osbourne is expecting a huge payout from her show that no one watched to guarantee her silence if and when she is officially fired. An anonymous source that may or may not be Osbourne’s assistant or one of her children (my money is on Kelly) told Page Six, “She could write a book, she would do a world of interviews. She knows where all the bodies are buried.” Osbourne has even gone so far as to blame the showrunners for not preparing her for a conversation in which she was only required to offer up her own opinion.

While I highly doubt that there are any bodies worth excavating in the hallowed halls of The Talk other than Osbourne’s, the only appropriate response to a thinly veiled threat is to quote the great Bethanny Frankel: “Mention it all!” Write the book Sharon, we dare you.

For many reasons, Jennifer Lopez happens to haunt my every waking hour, as does her (ex?-)fiance Alex Rodriguez by association. The couple is extremely awkward together, especially when one is working and the other is just fucking sitting there like a lump on a log clacking away on his cellphone asking for snacks when he could just grab them himself—I’m sorry what was I saying?

Right, so J-Rod is back together after everyone said they broke up, and to prove that they are still in love they are kissing in clear view of any paparazzi or kid with a cell phone they can find. This is fine, I’m fine but for the love of God just have the wedding already and release us from this eternal holding pattern.

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