Sharon Osbourne Quit The X Factor, Which She Says Is 'Fucking Karaoke'


Sharon Osbourne will no longer be a judge on The UK X Factor, but there’s no beef to be unwrapped here. Osbourne—who in September compared what contestants do on the show to “fucking karaoke” and emphasized that she could not give less of a shit about said contestants—doesn’t feel like she should be doing the job anymore.

Frankly, I agree with her self-assessment. On to bigger and better things. Osbourne shared a statement on Facebook about her exit and clarified, “If it reads differently in the papers then it’s been altered.” The statement reads in full:

After watching the new season #XFactor unfold, I’ve seen the new judges finding their rhythm and are doing brilliantly. Simon was so gracious to find me a spot on the live shows but at this point I really don’t think I’m needed and I would honestly feel odd coming in at this point. So I have decided to pass on the series this year.
I wish the show continued success and as much as I love to get my face on TV you will have to do without me this season.
Loves ya, Mrs. O.

The X Factor confirmed it was Osbourne’s call to leave the show and said she will always be a “big part of The X Factor family.” That’s nice. Now, let’s take a look and what she said about the show during a Howard Stern interview in September.

When asked why she didn’t judge auditions, Osbourne replied, “Oh fuck, I don’t have to have those kids singing in my face. Those little shits. They all suck. It is like, ‘Hey, is this fucking karaoke or what?’” And what of her illustrious co-star, Simon Cowell? He’s a “pain in the arse,” Osbourne said, one who will do anything to get his “fucking fat face on TV.” Again, she’s making some good points here.

If you think that stirred up any bad blood between she and Cowell and led to her departure, you’re mistaken. When asked about it, Cowell kept his cool and said, “Words don’t hurt me.”

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