Simpsons World Will Allow You to Access Every Episode Ever On Demand


Attention fans of The Simpons: Your summer just got exponentially better.

According to Time, “Simpsons World,” is a digital platform which is here to entirely take over your life. The program will make it possible, for the first time ever, to watch any Simpsons episode you want on demand, without having to buy an individual show or season. Woo-hoo, indeed!

You’ll be able to search for episodes by themes, quotes, and characters: if you want to watch nothing but Artie Ziff clips, your dream has come true. You can pull up an extensive episode guide and scripts. You can build playlists or have them suggested for you. And most important: you’ll be able to find, snip and share Simpsons clips–currently made scarce by the long arm of copyright law–in social media.

But wait, there’s more. The FXX Network, the cable channel which is just like FX except with an extra “X” for “extreme” or “xylophone” or something, owns the rights to air all 25 seasons of The Simpsons. Since FXX has access to each of the show’s 552 episodes, what better time than now to do a marathon? The network plans to run all the shows from every season in order, starting Aug. 21. Via Hit Fix:

From that point, FXX will have the repeats in heavy rotation, will do themed marathons — a “Treehouse of Horror” marathon on October 26, or perhaps a run of Krusty episodes on Sunday afternoon if that night’s new episode on FOX features Krusty — and otherwise cycle back and forth through the whole series.

“Simpsons World” will be introduced in October, with more additions unveiled in January. The app will be available for download on most of the products you maxed out your credit card to get including iPhone/iPad, Android products, XBox1/XBox360 and Apple TV.

Image via Simspsons Facebook.

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