Single Colin Farrell is Single By Choice, Not Up for Grabs

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When you hear the name Colin Farrell, and you’re like, Hmm, wow—seems like that guy hasn’t dated anyone in about four years? That’s because it’s on purpose, okay?

So says the all-about-his-kids-now actor in British publication The Sunday Times, adding that, “I know it’s not what people expect to hear, but it’s the honest truth.”

Me? I love using kids as a diversion to avoid romance. They fit into that scapegoat mold like a glove. [E!]

Speaking of childrens: Mazel tov! King/Queen/Princess/Royal Family Nicki Minaj performed at the bar mitzvah of taxi bigwig Andrew Murstein’s son, Matthew, this past weekend, where she reportedly told a bunch of rich, entitled attendees to “get an education, don’t be a slouch or a bum,” and that the ladies should “never let a man have to take care of you.” [TMZ]

Does Nick Cannon act corny like Fritos? And if he doesn’t act like corn chips, maybe he tastes like the pangs of regret that occur when you uncover an empty cellphone snack bag in your bed as you lay there, alone, on a Sunday morning? Perhaps us lambs will never know, since Mariah Carey is (so far) staying mum about the vitriol recipient in her new track, Infinity. In the meantime: listen; munch; enjoy; repeat.

[Entertainment Tonight]

•Breaking: Rihanna went to the beach; wore a bikini; doesn’t give a “fuck” about privacy. (Also: can we please stop referring to her as the “FourFiveSeconds” singer?) [Page Six]

•If there’s one person who has “no desire to meet the mother of her man’s child,” you’d better believe it’s 17-year old Kylie Jenner, who supposedly thinks Tyga’s ex/Amber Rose’s bestie/Blac Chyna’s taking to Instagram with wax lips is “trashy.” [Hollywood Life]

•But I doubt that Amber has much to say about Tyga these days though—what, with her taking up with a fine young man who goes by the name of Machine Gun Kelly. Plus, that T-shirt. [XXL]

•Veteran rapper Rakim is just now figuring out who Kendrick Lamar is. Good on him. [MTV]

•Here’s how Kelly Rowland keeps her brows on #fleek. [Cosmopolitan UK]

•Not crazy about Solange Knowles’ coat here, but I’ll be damned if I ever say a hateful thing about anyone within the Beyhive. [Just Jared]

•Looks like Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lawrence won’t be sisters-in-law (or whatever wacky British colloquialism they use to describe familial relations) anytime soon. [Inquisitr]

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