SNL Welcomes Men to Hell 


In “Welcome to Hell,” Saturday Night Live’s female cast members invite the men to come on in to join the world of sexual assault, a pink marshmallow where all women presumably live. Where come nightfall everybody travels in packs and carries mace, and it’s all very, very tiring.

Since sexual assault is not funny, the skit is not really funny; it’s somewhere between spoof and a flat statement with costumes, which feels like where this should land. Leslie Jones chimes in: “You do know that it’s like a million times worse for women of color,” and they agree.

“I guess it buh buh buh begs the question, why didn’t you say something baby girl?” says Kate McKinnon lying on a cloud.

“Well dang double daddy, we definitely did,” says host Saoirse Ronan in pigtails. “For hundreds of years.”

“But I guess no one, like, cared,” says Aidy Bryant.

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