SNL's Vanessa Bayer Was Once Deemed Too Ugly for a TV Commercial


Since joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2010, actress/comedian Vanessa Bayer has achieved a fair share of success, having become a repertory player with more recurring characters than almost anyone else on the show. But things weren’t always going so well. Appearing on last night’s Conan, Bayer told the host about how, in the early days of her acting career, she’d be continually sent on auditions for the part of the “ugly girl” in various commercials.

Yeah, Vanessa Bayer — adorable Vanessa Bayer — is considered ugly by Hollywood standards. I know it’s obvious, but ughhhhhhh, the system is so gross sometimes.

Bayer detailed one particularly humiliating experience to Conan and Andy: She was once sent to an audition for a Planters Peanuts ad where she was supposed to be portraying “an extremely unattractive woman” who uses peanuts to attract male suitors (GREAT IDEA, DON DRAPER). Vanessa, recognizing that she has a damn cute face, attempted to ug’ it up a little by making unattractive facial expressions. She was quickly told by casting directors that any extra efforts really weren’t necessary. Conan and Andy could sadly both relate.

Being an actor sounds great, doesn’t it?

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