So Cute! Glamour Gives Posh A Glamectomy


Ladymag celebrity profiles usually take one of two routes: either the star is so amazing that no one could ever approximate her greatness, or she is just like you and me. Least plausible entry in the latter category: Victoria Beckham.

While you and I may think of Posh as an alien life form, fascinating for her vertiginous shoes and impenetrable veneer of expensive makeup, Glamour‘s interview would have you believe she’s really just a mom. The accompanying photo depicts her standing in a cluttered kitchen, struggling with groceries, and squirting frosting directly into her mouth — because just like normal people, Posh eats! Really! Posh’s deglaminating is enough to make us think we could be in Glamour — perhaps toting a hideous fringe bag, or posing in a spring frock astride a male model with an uncanny resemblance to Carrot Top, as one lucky lady does in this month’s table of contents. Hey, a girl can dream.

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