So Sir Mix-a-Lot Performed ‘Baby Got Back’ With A Full Orchestra


I really didn’t think Sir Mix-a-Lot could top his last foray into cultural relevance with that bizarre backpack-themed Target commercial, but the man sure has a way of grasping onto one song and milking it for all that it’s worth.

The Sonic Evolution project brings together the Seattle Symphony with some homegrown Seattle musicians and performers that made it big—and wouldn’t you know it, Sir Mix-a-Lot is a Seattle native. Composer Gabriel Prokofiev had written a brand new piece inspired by Sir Mix-a-Lot (I do not know what this means, musically), but he also transcribed the infamous “Baby Got Back” for his orchestra. And they. let. loose. (Just look at those cellists.) And by let loose I mean recreated my all my middle school dances, awkward girls included and nightmares included. But seriously, black dress in the front is going hard. She is killing it.

I suppose if there is one thing that there will always be some form of artistic appreciation for, something that allows Sir-Mix-a-Lot to just resurface every few years with the same exact song, it’s the feminine form. And by that I mean BUTTS.

Sorry Mix-a-Lot, but Tina Belcher does it better.

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