Someone Get This Bear Another Marg


Have you seen this bear? This bear that cut out of work early to go hang out in the hot tub and crush a few margaritas before taking a nap in a tree? Are you this bear? Be honest.

Altadena, California resident Mark Hough abandoned his backyard after the bear (you) came wandering in on Monday afternoon, scaring Hough indoors and availing himself of not only the hot tub, but the margarita Hough had been enjoying. Hough used his now-free marg hand to film the bear, who had a nice afternoon splashing around the unheated tub and throwing around the chlorinator and thermometer.

“He was playing, having a grand old time,” Hough told the Los Angeles Times. After the bear got out of the water, it walked around the yard, kicked over Hough’s margarita and proceeded to lap it up. Then he crawled up into a tree and took a nap. Wow. A perfect afternoon.

Hough told the paper that after the bear left his yard, he made himself two margaritas to compensate for the one the bear took.

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