Sometimes You Just Have To Leave The Baby Behind


We now know how things would go down in a real-life Home Alone situation. Rather than being left in his parents’ mansion as they jetted off to France, a forgotten child wound up in a parking lot while his dad drove home with the groceries. While leaving a Kentucky Kroger, a dad loaded his bag and his two kids into his car and drove off, leaving his 6-month-old in the shopping cart. Before the baby had time to get into any holiday-themed antics, a couple spotted him and called 911. A few minutes later the police got a call from the dad, who was “totally distraught” about what he’d done. No charges will be filed, but social services will investigate, and both father and son can expect to be mercilessly mocked at Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of their lives.

Image via Ipatov/Shutterstock.

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