Sophie Turner Comes Out as Anti-Instagram Influencer

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Sophie Turner Comes Out as Anti-Instagram Influencer
Screenshot:Sophie Turner (Instagram Stories)

Somewhere an Instagram influencer has accidentally shit their pants after realizing exactly what the “diet teas” that the Kardashians have built an empire on actually do. Perhaps they choose to abandon the clearly unhealthy supplements, opting instead for more innocuous ads—like Crest White Strips or subscription boxes for pet clothes. They also could (and often do) choose to take the shit-stained money and run, no matter the cost to their followers or dignity. Anyway, Sophie Turner has taken it upon herself it make sure that never happens again!

The Game of Thrones actor unleashed a series of ruthless Instagram stories last night from behind a lip plumping filter, blasting the practice of selling diet supplements to young women. Per People:

“Today I just wanted to promote this new powdered stuff that you put in your tea, and basically it makes you shit your brains out and is totally really really bad for me to be promoting to young women and young people everywhere but I don’t really care because I’m getting paid money for it. Influencer life.”

For context, Turner told Dr. Phil in April that in the wake of a depressive episode, she realized social media was the “catalyst,” especially with the torrent of comments she received criticizing her weight and skin and acting skills.

While it’d be easy to applaud her for being right and taking to task a truly exploitative industry and the people who helped build it, I’m interested to see just how much backlash she’ll receive for this—especially if this becomes a new facet of her post-Game of Thrones press. Positioning yourself against the modern influencer industry is territory well tread by Jameela Jamil, who has also faced plenty of criticism for her approach in doing so! (This site being no exception.) Regardless, I’m sure Jamil will appreciate having a few less potential pants-shitters the world. [People]

In the wake of Prince Harry’s explosive lawsuit against the British press, Us Weekly has heard from an exclusive source that Harry’s feelings aren’t rooted in any isolated incident—just the maelstrom of bad-faith (and often racist) criticism Meghan Markle has received from conservative pundits and outlets (like the Mail.) They explain:

“It’s an accumulation, and Harry refuses to sit and do nothing as the British press scrutinizes Meghan and invades her privacy. Meghan comes across as a strong woman, but she’s been deeply affected by the negative stories about her.” […] The source adds that the 35-year-old prince is ”worried that the recent escalation of press intrusion has an impact on his relationship with Meghan, as well as their relationship with the royal family and the public.”

In hindsight, a lot of the gossip emanating from the Royal Family makes infinitely more sense when viewed from the angle that the press, and not some unknown atrocity committed by Meghan, have strained relationships between the Sussexes and Cambridges. [Us Weekly]

  • The governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, made it clear that Kim Kardashian’s bid to free Brendan Dassey will have no affect on the “thoughtful review and consideration” his case would receive otherwise. [TMZ]
  • Miley Cyrus tore up her hospital gown during her recovery for tonsillitis. [People]
  • Jennifer Aniston claims Harvey Weinstein tried to “bully” her into wearing a dress from his ex-wife’s Marchesa line. [ET]
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are having a hard time closing out their divorce proceedings. [The Blast]
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