Sorry, You Can’t Just Pretend Your ‘Cuomosexual’ Shirt Meant the Other One

Turns out, the one called Chris is not any good either

Sorry, You Can’t Just Pretend Your ‘Cuomosexual’ Shirt Meant the Other One
Image:Presley Ann (Getty Images)

Who would have thought that Chris Cuomo, host of a very popular CNN news program, would have secretly been helping his brother, newly resigned New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, avoid said resignation all this time? Well, I suppose when one writes it all out like that, coupled with the fact he was called out for this bullshit back in May, it seems highly likely.

On the heels of New York attorney general Letitia James’ report that seems to confirm the accounts of many of the 11 women who have accused the soon-to-be-former governor of harassment and the resignation of Melissa DeRosa, who allegedly helped retaliate against the accusers, it would appear Chris is next in line for some well-deserved scrutiny. Per Vanity Fair:

“Also implicated in the report was Chris Cuomo himself, identified both as someone interviewed by the independent investigators and, as the Post revealed back in May, part of the support group helping strategize for the embattled governor. The report amplified the journalistic ethics questions raised by the Post’s reporting with documents providing new insight into Chris Cuomo’s crisis-management role.”

One of the things the report reveals in an email in which Chris seemed to have drafted a statement on behalf of his brother that read, in part: “I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal, and that some of my comments, given my position made others feel in ways I never intended.”

Chris Cuomo, who is currently on vacation for his “birthday week,” has yet to comment on this matter, but has in the past declined to discuss the allegations about his brother on his show—a move would perhaps seem apropos were he not helping to try and contain and control the media narrative behind the scenes. The last time Chris was accused of advising his brother, CNN acknowledged the inappropriateness of that behavior while failing to reprimand and Cuomo in any way, but assuring media outlets that these situations “will not happen again.”

Except they have happened again, and now it would seem Chris Cuomo has put all his best efforts into his brother’s apology note. What will be left for his own?

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