Spicer Really, Really Doesn't Wanna Say Whether Trump Taped White House Conversations 


Kind of rude of everybody to keep asking, no?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Grandmaster Spice, the hottest, sweatiest act in town, refused to tell the press in a briefing today whether Trump had taped conversations inside the White House, particularly conversations involving James Comey. He also declined to say whether the President would cooperate with congressional requests for said recordings. “The president has made it clear what his position is,” he said, which is not only not true in this case, but not true ever in the history of Donald Trump. [The Hill]
  • Today in Astounding Incompetence, part 9,000: Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller, who once punched a protester in the face and now advises the president of the United States, was walking around with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ private cell phone number on a sticky note, a picture of which was then inadvertently published in the Washington Post. [Washington Post]
  • A bunch of members of Congress, including Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, have been buying and trading stocks in companies that have a direct interest in their work on Capitol Hill. This is massively corrupt, la la la! [Politico]
  • Move over, Fox News—Sinclair Broadcasting, the largest TV-broadcasting conglomerate in the U.S., is competing for the honor of destroying the country from the inside out. [New York Times]
  • Sen. Rand Paul, a man who voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, is now upset that Jeff Sessions is doing exactly what Rand Paul knew he was going to do. [CNN]
  • North Carolina’s racist voter ID law has been effectively killed after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, although the state’s Republicans are likely undeterred from continuing to try to prevent black people from voting. [New York Times]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag.

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