Sports And Romance: "I Dated Mr. Met"


Earlier, I shared my love for the Mets mascot, Mr. Met. And what should I learn? A woman I know has dated him! I needed to get the story. What’s it like to spoon a sports icon?!

SS: So, you dated Mr. Met for a month. How did you meet? And did his status as Mr. Met influence you?

Jessica: We met through His profile mentioned that he did some work for the Mets but he was totally enigmatic about it. Although in retrospect I believe there was a Mr. Met photo on his profile.

SS: So, how did he reveal it? It’s a delicate matter, revealing a secret identity.

Jessica: Oh goodness, let me think — I feel like he must have mentioned it on the first date. Shoot, I can’t remember exactly I get so nervous on first dates and was really excited to meet him, because we talked a lot on the phone and it seemed like we had a lot in common and that he was nice — so I was more nervous and excited than usual…I know it was hard for us to schedule our first date because it was right at the end of the season … but honestly I don’t think he mentioned it until we met. Being from a different state I had like no idea who Mr. Met was.

SS: In some ways, I imagine it was refreshing for him, as a major celebrity, to meet a woman who didn’t even know who he was.

Jessica: Yes, I was not a super fan who only dated him for his celebrity. My friends were really excited, though!

SS: Was it challenging dating such a public figure?

Jessica: I thought it was very interesting work, but honestly, my being a professional with a 9-to-5 inhibited us being able to see each other; I think during the summer it would have been really hard And there is more than one [Mr. Met], but he was the main guy. They get rented out during the off season and make a lot of money. He’d also sweat a lot in the suit which was kinda grody.

SS: He has a suit at home?! This is important.

Jessica: Yes, he has the suit; he does private appearances so he brings it with him. I saw it in a garbage bag when I went to his place.

SS: Oh.

So: did the ego come off with the head?

Jessica: Actually, he was not egotistical at all…he’s an actor, and pretty serious about it. A very sweet nice guy.

SS: Nice. So he took the role seriously. (And probably had a good arm — or at least was v. good at the tee-shirt gun.) Was he actually a Met fan?

Jessica: He grew up on Long Island and he is A HUGE MET FAN. So it was serious, serious business. He loved it, and he’d done it for like 10 years. But, you cannot be Mr. Met forever.

SS: Did you ever get to appear at his side when he was Mr. Met?

Jessica: No, we only dated in the fall after the season was over. I saw his new girlfriend took a pic with him as Mr. Met…

SS: At the end of the day, maybe it was like how Peter Parker can’t really have a normal relationship because his loyalties ate divided between his heart and his greater work. And the Mets do kind of need all his support.

Jessica: Well it was a strain being that I worked during the day and he worked in the evenings and on weekends. Plus, I was an actress in my twenties — I cannot date actors anymore. My Mets fan friends were really upset it didn’t work out.

SS: Are you a Mets fan now?

Jessica: I’m a Cubs fan! But now I am really into Mr. Met and read about him online.

SS: He gets under your skin like that.

Jessica: And by the way: He’s Jewish!

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