Spot-On Dove Parody Shows Women They're Not Hideous Monsters


After years of being manipulated by their cloying ads presented as real social experiments, many women have finally had enough of Dove’s mawkish #TrueBeauty push. Which is why this spot-on parody of the campaign couldn’t be more timely.

Comedians Emily Altman, Langan Kingsley, Livia Scott and Lauren Adams present the next evolution in #TrueBeauty. In this edition, women are interviewed about their appearance by a faux-emphatic women in a white lab coat. She pretends to leave the room to take a phone call, but not before telling the women there’s a mirror on one side of the room. The women look into the mirror only to see that it’s not a mirror at all, but a man in a gorilla costume. Treacly music plays. The women are horrified. The white coated woman returns.

“What would you say if i told you that if that was not your face in the mirror?” says the white coated woman triumphantly, “That was a gorilla man in the mirror and not your face.”

Amazing. Perfect. Spectacular. I’m standing and applauding this.

Still, all the well-shot, well-produced, well-acted parody videos in the world can’t take down Dove the way one simple fact can: no matter how many FEEL PRETTY ads they produce, they’re still owned by the same company that’s behind Axe Body Spray, the official product of getting surprise dance floor dry humped by a stranger at a club. Truly nothing in the world could make a woman feel less beautiful.

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