SPYONVegas Wants You To Get Your Mad Freak On In Las Vegas For MLK Day


Do you have a dream that one day you will be able to party at the open champagne bar at Ghostbar in Las Vegas? Then great news—SPYONVegas has you covered!

This not totally bullshit dumb idea for an email blast that uses a picture of a slain civil rights leader giving one of his most memorable speeches to promote parties on the strip was sent to us by local Las Vegas writer and magician Rick Lax. It showed up today, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for folks subscribed to the SPYONVegas e-newsletter. (E-Newsletters! So 2003!) Wow, Beacher’s Madhouse has sexy fun strippers AND A BARNEY THE DINOSAUR RIPOFF THING. That’s totes exactly what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was talking about all those times he spoke bravely for equality and freedom!

So, on this momentous day that leaves us with so much to think about, don’t forget to remember the heartbreaking sacrifices Dr. King made in the name of equal rights AND all the places you can see sexy ladies dance, while taking advantage of your 2-for-1 prime rib buffet coupons tonight! Fantastic!

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