Stans Are Ruining Lizzo's Postmates Driver's Life

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Stans Are Ruining Lizzo's Postmates Driver's Life

A proposition: Celebrities should have their phones taken away, permanently. Social media will calm down (slightly). News cycles won’t be predicated on Instagram comments. And most importantly, innocent workers and other everyday people won’t wake up and find 1,000,000 angry fans sending them death threats for a missing Postmates order. TMZ reports that Tiffany W., who Lizzo accused of stealing her food last week—Lizzo publicly apologized not long after—claims she was humiliated after her photo was circulated on the internet. Per TMZ:

She’s afraid to leave her home and even go to work, for fear someone might harm her or even worse. As for the delivery incident … we’re told Lizzo’s order was supposed to go to a Boston hotel, but there was no room number listed and no one answered the phone linked to the account. We’re told Tiffany went the extra mile and hit up the hotel concierge. She says she went into the lobby and continued to try to contact the customer and heard nothing back. Tiffany ended up waiting for a total of 10 minutes and finally left.

Having delivered food myself, I can attest that the pay’s terrible, the hours are exploitative, and people treat you horrifically; now combine all that with the misfortune of being randomly assigned a Twitter-happy celebrity who puts you on blast, and that is where Tiffany now finds herself. In Lizzo’s tweeted apology, she wrote, “I understand I have a large following and that there were so many variables that could’ve put her in danger. Imma really be more responsible with my use of social media and check my petty and my pride at the door.” Moving forward, perhaps stans should actually follow their fave’s example and move on when asked. (Except when that example leads you off a cliff!) [TMZ]

Raise your hand if you missed the Emmys last night for literally any reason. Same! From what I gathered, Billy Porter rightfully made history, some prominent rich people made various hand-waiving gestures, former Jezebel staffer Joanna Rothkopf won a much-deserved Emmy, and Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s considering a permanent move to Wyoming because it’s the one place that doesn’t demand she wear mink eyelashes. Speaking to my enemy, Giuliana Rancic, last night on the red carpet, Kimberly admitted:

“Wyoming’s amazing … It’s just so chill. You can just do absolutely nothing. I’ve worn no makeup and my sweats and just hang out. I love LA, so I envision summers, I envision some weekends. But yeah, we love it.”

While there are obvious jokes to be had at the future political analyst’s expense, I’d like to point out that she and Kanye West just purchased a $14 million ranch in Wyoming that they don’t intend to live in full time. That’s 9,000 acres of usable land and two freshwater lakes that have been stolen from the people of Wyoming, where the cost of living is already on the rise and job prospects are tied to the ever fickle crude oil industry. At least we know there’s 9,000 acres we can collectively fall back on when we seize property back from the rich and abandon pollutants as an energy source. It’s prime real estate for community property or a green energy plant! [Page Six]

Here’s footage of some Kardashians being openly laughed at onstage at the Emmys.

  • Teresa Giudice is “not in a good place” while Juicy Joe remains in ICE custody. (Abolish ICE!) [Us Weekly]
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