Starbucks Manager Absolutely Loses Her Shit Over a Cookie Straw

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A YouTube video posted a couple days ago shows a Starbucks manager (whose name we know only as “Melissa”) going absolutely bonkers at several customers over…well, pretty much everything, really.

The video starts with with Melissa demanding customer Ruby Chen give her the cookie straw she is holding (and trying to pay for). Chen tries to figure out what’s going on, but Melissa keeps repeating the same things over and over. When Chen asks to speak to a manager, Melissa flips out, shouts, “YOU’RE TALKING TO IT!” and demands Chen get out. As Chen is still trying to figure out what just happened, Melissa starts shouting “BYE!” over and over, because sure, a five-year-old’s approach to the situation is definitely the appropriate one. At some point, Melissa also accuses Chen of trying to steal the cookie straw she had picked up before all this started. When another customer tries to get Melissa to stop yelling at Chen, Melissa then turns on her and tells her to leave, using the same “BYE!” line again.

In a Facebook post, Chen says she ordered a frappuchino with a cookie straw and was trying to open her app to pay for it, and so didn’t hear another employee asking for her name. Melissa started shouting “HELLOOOOOO,” so Chen claims she said “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, but you don’t have to yell.” This was apparently the point at which Melissa completely lost her shit, took the pay scanner away, and told Chen to leave and never come back. Shortly after that, the video starts.

Here’s the video, and I apologize for the asinine title the poster (who was not Chen) used:

Now, normally I take the employee’s side in any of these things, but in this case, based on Chen’s genuinely incredulous reaction (“Are you OK? What’s going on with her/you?”), it seems pretty clear that it had to be some sort of misunderstanding that led to this video. From everything Chen does in this video, either she has as little of an idea what the hell is happening as the rest of us, or the stage has missed a major talent. It appears Starbucks agrees, as according to an update to Chen’s Facebook post, Melissa has already been fired.

Update 6:50 PM: It would appear that Melissa was suspended and then quit of her own accord, rather than be fired.

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