Stars Are Neck And Neck At The Derby (And Legs, Chests And Hair!)


Yes, it was on Friday, but we couldn’t bear to not bring you to the 2010 Barnstable-Brown gala in Louisville, Kentucky, where the stars went on a (julep-fueled?) Derby fashion spree.

I would not have guessed that the Simpson-Wentz family went in for the ponies. But does Pete’s ‘do qualify as a fascinator, or a whimsy?

Personally, Rebecca, I would have advocated for a picture hat with your popsicle-hued bandages, to give the look that desirable Steel Magnolias air.

For Johnny Weir‘s sake, one hopes there wasn’t a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule in effect.

Okay, color me confused: were there two separate events – day and evening – or were some people just really over, or under, dressed? Well, Maria Menounos certainly looks at ease, anyway!

As does John Wall, which kind of strengthens the “2 events” theory. Getty and the web are being seriously inscrutable.

Diane Lane, on the other hand, is doing total “daytime Southern lady!”

Marisa Miller is kind of hedging her bets: this blushing situation, after all, could almost read “daytime” – just in case.

[Images via Getty.]

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