Stars Look At, Wear Art At MoMA


It’s too bad that the Museum of Modern art costs $20 except on Fridays, since the premiere of ‘Great Directors‘ made it look really good. Not that I’m guessing Padma Lakshmi, Susan Sarandon and friends had to pay….

Michelle Ray Smith gets in the spirit with Cubist squares.

ennifer Missoni, meanwhile, opts for Modernism.

Lili Taylor, per usual, looks exactly like herself – and yes, that’s a compliment.

Padma Lakshmi does hot-weather chic with typical panache.

Mallory June breaks the redheads-in-red rule, a good argument for rule-breaking.

Director Angela Ismailos sports what I hope is the tender green shoots of a trend I have long hoped for: the chatelaine’s key-belt.

Poll: do we think Susan Sarandon’s jacket is vintage?

As always, I’m amazed at the temerity of the photographers who risk being turned to stone by Fran Lebowitz‘ stare – or, in this case, beaten by the brandished umbrella.

[Images via Getty.]

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