Strauss-Kahn Accuser Sues Paper For Calling Her A Prostitute


The hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of assault is suing the New York Post for claiming she’s a prostitute. The paper’s claims continue today.

On Saturday, the Post alleged that the accuser “was doing double duty as a prostitute, collecting cash on the side from male guests.” And early this morning, the paper claimed “defense sources” had said that “DSK admittedly engaged with the maid in a consensual, sex-for-money exchange in his Sofitel suite, with no force involved — and she turned against him only when he stiffed her.” Strauss-Kahn’s attorney Benjamin Brafman wouldn’t talk to the Post, so they went with this anonymously-sourced account:

“In the past, guests have left stuff for her,” meaning money, one source close to the defense investigation said last night. “She goes back to look for the money,” and is disappointed, the source said. Also likely irking the maid? “His dismissive nature,” said the source.
Multiple investigators for the defense and prosecution have confirmed that they believe the maid was turning tricks at the hotel, and prosecution sources have even accused her of continuing to “entertain” male visitors while in a DA safehouse.

Apparently, the accuser is none too keen about newspapers publishing rumors that she’s a prostitute. According to Reuters, she filed a libel suit today against the Post and four reporters, claiming that the paper has published lies about her “in an apparent desperate attempt to bolster its rapidly plunging sales.” She’s seeking damages to be decided at trial. From the suit:

[In] several news articles published in both the hardcopy and online editions of the New York Post on July 2, 2011, July 3, 2011, and July 4, 2011, Defendants falsely, maliciously and with reckless disregard for the truth stated as a fact that the Plaintiff is a “prostitute,” “hooker,” “working girl” and/or “routinely traded sex for money with male guest” of the Sofitel hotel located in Manhattan. Defendants also falsely stated in the New York Post that the Plaintiff recently engaged in acts of prostitution with various men at a hotel located in Brooklyn following the sexual assault and while under the protection of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and that she “was turning tricks on the taxpayers’ dime.” All of these statements are false, have subjected the Plaintiff to humiliation, scorn and ridicule throughout the world by falsely portraying her as a prostitute or as a woman who trades her body for money and they constitute defamation and libel per se.

It’s unclear whether the accuser will be appearing publicly as part of the suit — her name is not revealed in court documents. What is clear is that News Corp papers are coming in for a lot of criticism these days.

Update: You can view the full complaint below.

Ny Post Complaint 76

DSK Accuser Sues NY Post For “Prostitute” Report [Reuters]
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