Student Uses White Out to 'Erase' Test Question She Can't Answer


One particularly daring student found a new loophole around hard test questions. Too bad for her this method stopped working decades ago.

In a Reddit post called “My sister teaches 5th grade. Nice try Jackie,” shared on r/funny, a photo shows the astounding attempt of one young student to deal with a question on a test. Rather than skip the question, make a terrible bad guess or scribble a sad, crying face in place of an answer, Jackie got creative with some white out. Too bad Jackie’s teacher is not blind and/or totally clueless.

In one of life’s ultimate reality checks, the teacher wrote back, “Jackie, you can’t white out a question you don’t want to answer.”

Oh, Jackie. This is not how we handle life’s challenges. Has no one taught you the fine art of bullshitting your way through a test question?

Image via Reddit.

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