Submarine Inventor Convicted of Killing Journalist Kim Wall 


Peter Madsen was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for the “premeditated killing” of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

A Copenhagen court found Madsen guilty of “premeditated killing,” which is equivalent to murder, the New York Times reports. The court found evidence that Madsen had researched murder and dismemberment and had brought tools onto the submarine used to kill and tie up Wall.

Wall was last seen alive in August, 2017, when she met Madsen for a short submarine trip for an interview. After the submarine sank and Madsen was found alive, he maintained that he had brought Wall safely to shore. When her body was found mutilated Madsen changed his story saying Wall had died in an accident on the ship. Eventually, after several conflicting stories he gave to the police, he admitted to dismembering her body and disposing of it, but not murdering Wall.

The prosecution in the case found ample evidence that Madsen had planned Wall’s murder. In addition to the materials and prior research he had done, Madsen had also texted another woman saying she “should be tied up and tortured aboard the sub” as well as telling a friend that “he had planned the perfect murder, one that would be a ‘great pleasure.’”

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