Sunscreen Stops Time From Stomping All Over Your Face


You know how you’re told to wear sunscreen all the time or else you’ll turn into the Crypt Keeper’s great grandma by the time you’re 35? And then you’re all WHATEVER I’M DRUNK? Turns out, you reallllly shoulda been listening, because sunscreen is the closest thing we have to Tuck Everlasting.

Australian researchers studied adults up to age 55 and found the ones who put on sunscreen more frequently had 24 percent less skin aging compared with men and women who used it only occasionally.

Regular sunscreen use by young and middle-aged adults under age 55 brings a cosmetic benefit by preventing progressive skin aging as well as decreasing their risk of skin cancer in the long-term, said study author Dr. Adele Green, a specialist in public health medicine and senior scientist at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia.
“Our findings now provide evidence that regular sunscreen use slows down skin aging in healthy middle-aged men and women,” Green explained.

Although the study did not look at people over 55, researchers suspect there is a benefit to using sunscreen, but there’s no firm evidence. However, they do know it decreases the risk of skin cancer, and that’s good enough for me. And it’s good enough for you, too. Wear your damn sunscreen, people!

[Live Science]

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