Taylor Swift Gets ‘the Ick’ From Travis Kelce Again

Kelce did an encore performance of his “Viva Las Vegas” howl at a charity event over the weekend, and someone caught Swift’s reaction on camera.

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Taylor Swift Gets ‘the Ick’ From Travis Kelce Again

I love Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together and am very happy for them and both of their respective, continued successes. But every once in a while, my brain reminds me of Kelce screaming “Viva Las Vegas” after winning the Super Bowl in February and I cringe so hard I nearly puncture my eardrums with my shoulder blades. I know it was a Very Big, Very Overwhelming moment and he was allowed to celebrate it however he wanted—and actually, screeching the name of the city you’re standing in is a very innocent way to celebrate your football win—but it was still just so…ick.

Footage from the game had fans convinced Taylor also experienced the ick while watching Travis correctly howl his location. Her facial expression definitely seemed to convey some level of ick-ness but it was possible that the cameras just caught her face at a weird moment. At the time, Jezebel staff writer Kylie Cheung wrote of the footage:

We’ve all been there!!! The “ick” is a universal experience, something you will occasionally feel even toward someone you are deeply in love with—even, perhaps, on one of the biggest nights of their lives—when they start screaming and bro-ing out and generally making a scene. Or, counterpoint: Maybe those are just close-up shots of Swift’s face at an inopportune time, taken out of context and subjected to needless internet speculation? Who knows!

And we didn’t know! Until, now! Swift and Kelce attended Patrick Mahomes’ charity event (of which there’s plenty of adorable and non-ick-inducing footage of the couple) over the weekend in…Las Vegas. The location inspired Kelce to recreate his Super Bowl performance and someone filmed Taylor’s live reaction.

I don’t super love the celebrity lip-reading trend, but I consider this an exception. Jackie Gonzalez, the Squid Game: The Challenge alum, who is deaf,  posted a TikTok decoding Swift’s reaction, and it’s all I need to confirm that yes, she also hated it at the Super Bowl. “That again,” Swift, who was sitting next to Brittany Mahomes, appears to (definitely) say in the clip. “I can’t do it,” she adds, shaking her head.

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She’s clearly saying it with a laugh but I hope for her sake—and the sake of our nation—that this was Kelce’s final performance.

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