Ted Cruz Is Mad That 'Lazy' Democrats Refused to Attend His Covid Party


Ted Cruz is a condescending asshole whose inability to grow a convincing beard is only surpassed by his inability to do his actual job. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that on the third day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Cruz targeted the Democratic senators who chose to avoid another potential super spreader event in the Senate chambers. “It is striking that as we sit here right now, in this committee room, there are only two Democratic senators in the room,” Cruz began. “It is indicative of what they’re tacitly admitting, which is that they don’t have substantive criticisms [of Coney Barrett].”

Perhaps Cruz has had his head shoved so far up his leader’s sphincter that he missed the announcement several months ago that there is a global pandemic going on that is–and this is super important for Teddy–airborne.

Cruz is possibly also unaware that after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, Senator Mike Lee of Utah disregarded doctor’s orders to not attend the hearing in person. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina also tested positive and was present at the hearing although he claims that he had permission to do so from his doctor. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the committee who has been present and unmasked each day, refused to get a covid test before the hearings began, despite being exposed to the virus.

Throughout the hearing, Democrats have seethed over the fact that
many of their fellow senators had not been tested for covid-19 before entering a room where they would be removing their masks and filling the air with breath particles and potential infection. Every cough, every clearing of the throat, every bit of spittle that comes out of a shouting man’s mouth is a threat to the health of senators, their staffers, Barrett, her family, and members of the press, who are all sitting in closed quarters.

But instead of acknowledging that maybe some senators don’t want to sit in a room for six hours and risk exposure, they’ve just decided to skip work and fuck off all day in Cruz’s mind. Perhaps if Senator Cruz didn’t waste his limited minutes with baseless partisan bullshit, there would be more time for everyone to get tested and make more informed decisions for their health.

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