Teens Use Ice Bucket Challenge to Dump Human Waste on Teen with Autism

Police in Ohio are investigating after a group of high school students used the Ice Bucket Challenge to trick a teenager with autism into having a bucket of feces and other body fluids dumped on his head.

According to ABC 5 in Cleveland, a group of bullies at Bay High School filmed the incident, which some outlets have referred to as a “prank.” Except it’s not a “prank;” it’s a vicious physical assault on an innocent person. They made the boy strip almost completely nude for what they said was a video for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then dumped a bucked filled with human waste and cigarette butts onto his head while they filmed it.

The video was uploaded and shared on Instagram, because of course it was (UGH). Parents of the 15-year-old victim discovered what happened when they found the video on their son’s phone. The boys parents released a copy of the revolting video with the media earlier this week. The parents have asked the media that their names and their son’s name be withheld. ABC 5 says that the police are taking this extremely seriously:

“We think this is a pretty serious offense,” said Mark Spaetzel, Bay Village police chief. “It’s at minimum an assault. We’ll certainly work with the prosecutor’s office and do what we can.”
Spaetzel said that he believes there were at least three teens involved in the prank, but no arrests have been made yet. He also said they will be facing assault charges.

As a response to the the bullying and assault, the community plans to hold a rally at the school in support of the victim. Donations will be accepted to raise money on behalf of ALS research and Autism Speaks.

Image via ABC.

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