Ten OMFG RUFK Moments From the Scandal Winter Finale


Basically, the entire hour was oh my god are you fucking kidding me. But let’s just look at a few key scenes.

1. The devil got inside Sally so she stabbed the hell out of her cheating gay husband.

Additional WTF OMG: When they stitched up homeboy’s back.

2. Quinn picked a tracker out of her tooth and flushed it down the damn toilet.

3. “I’m screwing her, you know.”

4. “You are a BOY.”

“About the way she tastes?” WHAT. Fitz done did it now. No redemption for that idiot. But Papa Pope tore him down spectacularly. Rained down like a shower of bombs. “You are a boy.” “You haven’t had to work for anything.” “I am actually quite literally above your pay grade.” “You love that she is a door marked exit.” Good stuff. Meanwhile: Give Joe Morton all the awards. Just place them outside of his door and cancel the award shows.

5. “If it wasn’t for Olivia I would have peeled off all of your skin.”

Yikes. Never get on Huck’s bad side. HUCK SMASH. “You’re not a gladiator anymore.”

6. “I’m standing here afraid and in my underwear and without my soul asking you what happens now.”

Cyrus and James are one of those couples dealing with quite a few issues. As The New Yorker‘s Emily Nussbaum pointed out on Twitter, Cyrus was basically acting out a scene from Notting Hill.

7. Corpses on a plane

Like Snakes On A Plane except Mama Pope shoots all the snakes in the head and the snakes are friendly neighborhood aircraft crew members.

8. This nice young coder who is listening to secret government calls



“Sorry you didn’t get the memo.”

10. Mama Pope’s fierce coat and gorgeous gloves.

She fit in some time to shop after she murdered a bunch of people.


And these poor fools. And the looks on their faces. “Press secretary.”

No new episodes until February, guys. How will you fill the hole in your week?

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