The 8-Year-Old Girl Who Pulled a Sword Out of a Lake Wrote About It 


Remember the young girl in Sweden who went swimming in a lake and found a sword that was discovered to be 1,000 years old? She’s even cooler than I previously suspected, which I can confirm after reading the story of how she became the Queen of Sweden in her own words.

Saga Vanecek told the Guardian that this all started because her father asked her to put a buoy in the lake near the cabin where they vacation in the summer. He asked her to hurry up so he could watch soccer, and she didn’t listen to him, which I find deeply relatable. Emphasis mine:

On 15 July this year, I was playing on the beach with my friend, when Daddy told me to get a buoy from the cabin: he said the water level in the lake was very shallow and we had to warn any boats that might come along because it was dangerous. He said it had been the hottest summer for 260 years.
I waded into the water and it was very soft on my skin and refreshing, a little bit cool but not too cold. It was a nice feeling because the sun was shining and I was very hot. Daddy was begging me to rush so he could watch the World Cup final, but I like to take my time about things so I ignored him.

She was so happy when she found the sword, she didn’t want to give it to anyone:

I felt like a warrior, but Daddy said I looked like Pippi Longstocking. The sword felt rough and hard, and I got some sticky, icky brown rust on my hands. It started to bend and Daddy splashed up to me, and said I should let him hold it. It was my sword and now he was taking it away! I gave it to him in the end.

But like any good citizen / future leader of the free world, Saga knew it was best to share the gift she’d found with others. Archeologists were called and eventually searched for other artifacts in the lake, finding a brooch and an 18-century coin. They estimate the sword and the brooch are actually both 1,500 years old. The sword will soon be on display for all to see, although Saga wants her own version:

I had to give the sword to the local museum – Daddy explained that it’s part of history and important to share it with others. I felt “boo” that it’s gone away, but “yay” that other people will get to see it. I’m going to try to raise some money to make a replica sword that I can keep.

And she doesn’t really feel like the Queen of Scotland right now, but that’s alright; she’s only eight. Give it time:

People on the internet are saying I am the queen of Sweden, because in the legend of King Arthur, he was given a sword by a lady in a lake, and that meant he would become king. I am not a lady – I’m only eight – but it’s true I found a sword in the lake. I wouldn’t mind being queen for a day, but when I grow up I want to be a vet. Or an actor in Paris.

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