The Clothes People Searched For This Year Sucked


Ebay has compiled a list of its most searched, most purchased fashion of 2014 and the top results do not bode well for the state of global ambition. You could almost predict it, but they were: overalls and yoga pants, reinforcing the notion that fashion went to complete shit this year and everyone gave the hell up.

WWD reports that actual humans purchased 530,000 pair of overalls this year, making them just slightly more popular than yoga pants, at 423,000. Worse: even some aficionados of these items realized they were of dubious origin. Take this recent Instagram post from perpetual fashion “it girl” Alexa Chung wearing dungarees aka “dungs”:

“Dungs and stripes,” she captioned. “Tried and true. #toddlerforever#safetyoutfit #uniform”

Toddlers. Dungs. I rest my case.

Worse than leisurewear, though, was the outsized impact celebrities had on the normal purchasing habits of humans:

More than 11,000 items by Oscar de la Renta sold on eBay after Amal Clooney’s wedding. Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy wedding dress inspired some shopping, though not as much, with some 5,000 items by the French label purchased in 2014.
Fashionable baby wear had its own moment on eBay when Prince George wore a Christmas sweater by Cath Kidston that helped sales for the brand total 107,000. Meantime, Balmain sales edged up about 4 percent from last year after North West was photographed in the designer label.

North West is a quite fashionable baby and her parents are now the faces of Balmain, but for real, people are out here copping items from the iconic French house just cause a person who is barely one and one-half years old is dressing like a tiny sailor? Everyone is so much more basic than I thought. WHICH I KIND OF LOVE. Don’t ever change, eBay freakers, you gauche assholes.

Furthering the total basiqueness of the average eBay shopper: 370,000 Fitbits. 25,000 Google Glass. Frozen. FIFA. 450,000 tiaras. Fake Pharrell hats. God is love. Remember when Dick Cheney suggested eBay as a shadow economy? We have finally realized the gilded dream.

Image via lithian/Shutterstock.

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