The Couple Who Meets at Wal-Mart, Weds at Wal-Mart


Susan was a cashier, and Wayne was a customer, and they found love in a hopeless place.

I’m not gonna get too coastal liberal condescending scumbag jerkface on you, because this is actually a very lovely story, and we should all be so lucky to find true love at least once in our shitty, short lives.

Susan and Wayne’s meet-cute is pretty damned cute:

Wayne was smooth enough to go through Susan’s lane, as she was working as a cashier at Walmart at the time.
“I’d ask her how she was that day, and tell her she looked very nice,” he said.
After their first date, Wayne would make his beloved lunch every day and bring it to the store for her.
“He was very much a gentleman, and I looked forward to seeing him,” she said.

One year later, Wayne proposed and jokingly suggested a Wal-Mart wedding. Well, some ideas are just so crazy they work, and since Wal-Mart always (but ALWAYS) needs good publicity, the store was into it. They had their wedding in the layaways, and I know there’s some sort of sweet statement in there about their wedding taking place in layaways, but their love being… I’m not sure. Anyone? Or maybe I’m really wrong? But I think there’s a Hallmark card in there — exclusively for people who’ve gotten married in Wal-Mart, but still.

Obviously Wal-Mart is still bullshit in many ways, but I am in love with this couple’s love! May they live long and be very in love, and when the time comes, may they get buried in the burial aisle of a SuperMegaWal-Mart. Besides, I’m sure Wal-Mart has life insurance policies on both of them by now, so it’s win/win.


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