The Fashion Apocalypse, Courtesy Of Vogue Italia


So at first I looked at this editorial and was like, Ew — Homeless Chic. Then I thought, No, this is way more Post-Apocalyptic Glamour. Then, it hit me: Steven Meisel totally just mainlined all five seasons of The Tribe!

Because what other inspiration could there be for a Vogue Italia editorial in which a group of young people with elaborate, colorful hair roam around in a dystopian future minus adult supervision, and plus one dog? Other than a steampunk-y sci-fi T.V. series about groups of kids trying to get by in the world after a mysterious virus has wiped out all the grown-ups, made in New Zealand for no money around the turn of the millennium, I mean? Seriously? What else is there?

I rest my case.

Oh Noes!1! Blue moddle haz no capshun. Give him 1 in teh commentz!!!1!

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