The First Official Present Meghan Markle Received as a Member of the Royal Family Was a Fucking Apron

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Way down at the bottom of a two-page PDF documenting gifts given to the Royal Family during Prince William’s November visit to Finland is a record of the very first gift given to Meghan Markle as a [soon-to-be] member of the Royal Family. The item, received by William “on behalf of HRH Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Meghan Markle,” was an apron.

Compare that to everything William received from the Finnish elite: a “wristwatch,” a “book,” a “bottle of gin,” a “candle holder,” an “ice hockey jersey and a hat,” a “tin of biscuits,” “two pin brooches,” a “box of fruit jellies,” a “Finnish flag,” a “Pram suit, a pair of mittens,” a “hat,” and “two fabric gnomes.” Even Kate got a fucking necklace, which is annoying and also gendered but could at least be exchanged for something else?!

The fuck is Meghan going to do with an apron? Where’s her bottle of gin? Where are her biscuits? Why in god’s name didn’t you give her fabric gnomes?

Do better, Finland. I don’t know how the monarchy works, but presume this woman is going to be the next queen. Show her some respect.


Kim Kardashian West just posted this Instagram of a Louis Vuitton pattern.

Many believe it’s a hint about what they’re naming their newborn baby. So, like, maybe the kid’s name will be Louis! Or Vuitton! Or Love! (L.V.) Celebitchy suggested “Elle V.” which I kind of like. But what does my opinion matter? It’s her life they’re turning into viral content, not mine.


Here’s Offset, Cardi B’s fiance, saying “I cannot vibe with queers” in a new song.

That sucks! Cardi, do something.


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