The Frosted Flakes Commercial that Launched Jane Lynch's Career


We all know Jane Lynch from her roles on Glee and Party Down, but what did it take to kick-start her career? Starring as part of a Tony the Tiger-obsessed couple in a Frosted Flakes commercial directed by Christopher Guest.

In this mid-90s commercial (aptly titled “Stalking Tony the Tiger”) Lynch plays one half of a couple standing outside of the Frosted Flakes headquarters. Sporting Tony the Tiger sweatshirts, the pair eat their favorite cereal while staring at their door to catch their hero walking by. Lucky for Lynch, the commercial was directed by Christopher Guest and the experience led her straight to a role in the director’s upcoming film—cult classic Best in Show.

For more information on Jane Lynch, her rise to stardom, and the many series she lends her voice to, visit Whose Voice is That? A Voice Recognition Experiment. Thanks for the tip, Dave!

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