The Full Trailer for Lovelace is Finally Here


Former porn star Linda Lovelace’s story is apparently so captivating to those in Hollywood that there has been more than one attempt at making a film about her life over the last few years, with different actresses popping in and out of the title role. The one that’s made it to the big screen is called Lovelace, it stars Amanda Seyfried and after opening at Sundance, it comes out in limited review in August.

Our own Tracie Egan Morrissey previously voiced concerns that no matter who did the movie, it wouldn’t be dark enough to really encompass a lot of the sadness of Lovelace’s life. The full trailer shows a lot of wide smiles from Seyfried, as if to imply that it was her face and energy that were the most captivating parts of her, but also plenty of moments that hint at the dark underbelly of her life and her eventual downfall. We’ve also got a better look at the really phenomenal hair, makeup and costuming done on the cast (Hank Azaria, is that even you?) and further proof that Peter Sarsgaard should probably not do anything but period movies from around the 1970s going forward.

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