The Hero We Need: Woman Risks Life and Limb to Save Pizza


What do you do when your pizza is assaulted in a freak food fight that erupts out of nowhere? Do you stand idly by watching your 3.14 of perfection be marred by errant glasses of water and angrily launched seasonings or do you run into the fray headfirst to protect your honor, your dignity, your pizza no matter the cost? For the woman in this video, the choice was clear.

If you speak French (and I do not and could not get an assist), it will be much more clear to you what is going on here (a news report of some kind that goes murderously wrong). But even if you don’t speak the language of love, the sacrifice this woman makes to save her pizza from certain doom is admirable and to be respected. We salute you, woman who can’t even with this bullshit and just wants to eat pizza. You are the hero we need and deserve.

h/t: Uproxx

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