The Infinite Possibilities Of Snooki's New Tumblr


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi now has a blog on Tumblr. This should be interesting!

In her first post, appropriately titled “First blog!!” Snooki writes:

Hiiii everyone! I’ve been waiting so long to put a blog and finally got it up! First off I want to say Thank you sososo much to all the snooki supporters out there! I have the best fans Ever and I love you guys to death! Thank you for making Jersey Shore such a success and standing by me always! Means a lot! This past year has legit been a blessing and I’m so greatful for all the opportunities that have come my way!

She plans on updating twice a week, and mentions the “Snooki Revolution !!”

The only problem is that her blog is called Nicole Polizzi. Yawn! Tumblr is the home of Fuck Yeah Baby Animals, Fuck Yeah Kissing, Fuck Yeah Fat Cats, Fuck Yeah Black Girls, Fuck Yeah Otters, Fuck Yeah Sharks, and perhaps most famous, Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling.

Fuck Yeah Snooki is the obvious choice. It’s taken, but blank. Surely she could work something out. Fuck Yeah Snickers happens to be about a cute little dog. Sigh. Some other suggestions:

  • Fuck Yeah Poufs
  • Pickles & Poufs
  • Poufs & Ponderings
  • Snooki’s Shore Thing
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being Snooki
  • Snickers Loves Liquor

Any other ideas? (If you’re curious if a subject has an Fuck Yeah Tumbler, this site can help.)

Snooki Starts a Tumblr [New York Observer]
Nicole Polizzi [Tumblr]

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