The Look Of Music: Faces Of The Grammy Awards


At last night’s very long, and very crowded, Grammy Awards, most of the audience members were just as confused, annoyed, and distracted as the viewers at home.

Some of Lady Gaga’s ensembles seem sort of banal and old hat in the context of Elton John.

But with the flip of her hair, she can make it interesting all over again.

Green Day guy: “God, remember when I was punk rock?”

Jay-Z didn’t think that Stephen Colbert’s joke was funny, and The-Dream was equally offended for him.

At least it’s his wife’s breasts, this time.

Pink’s ass caught the attention of LL Cool J and some random girl.

Speaking of asses, you could see Beyoncé’s soldiers’ butts from the front.

And then Beyoncé got her period.

She sang the scorned woman’s anthem “You Oughta Know,” marching right between her husband and his one-time rumored mistress Rihanna. Jay is pretending it’s not happening, and Rihanna’s all, “Are you making fun of me, Riz?”

“Taylor who?” Ringo Starr edition.

“Taylor who?” This guy edition.

Both of these people look like they’re cross-dressing.

You’d think Will.I.Am would be psyched that he has 3-D glasses that match his outfit.

And you’d think Jay-Z would be less confused about what’s going if he weren’t too cool for school to wear his.

Pink didn’t win.

Someone is desperate to get on camera.

Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish…

…but Lady Gaga had one of the best videos of all time!

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