The Misogynist Who Killed Judge Esther Salas's Son Had a List of More Than a Dozen Targets

The Misogynist Who Killed Judge Esther Salas's Son Had a List of More Than a Dozen Targets
Image:Courtesy of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department via AP (AP)

Roy Den Hollander, the murderer and “men’s rights activist” who opened fire on Judge Esther Salas’s son and husband earlier this month, apparently made up a list of over a dozen potential targets before attacking Salas’s family in their North Brunswick, New Jersey home.

The list was found in the rented car where Hollander died by suicide on a remote road in the Catskill Mountains of New York, per the New York Times. It included three other judges—New York State Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, along with a second New Jersey federal judge and a judge who had presided over another of Den Hollander’s cases. The list also contained the names of two Manhattan oncologists, one of whom had treated Den Hollander for his terminal cancer. Den Hollander was found dead hours after posing as a FedEx driver delivering a package to Salas’s home and began shooting as soon as Salas’ son, Daniel Anderl, opened the door, critically wounding Salas’s husband, attorney Mark Anderl, in the process. Salas was in the basement at the time and is unharmed.

Police in California also believe that Den Hollander is responsible for the murder of Marc Angelucci, another “men’s rights” attorney who had recently won a case involving gender discrimination in the military draft similar to the case Den Hollander had lost in Judge Salas’s court. Den Hollander also left behind a rambling, 2000-page screed railing against “feminazis” and affirmative action while singing high praises of Donald Trump, not too different from the hateful legacies these shitbags usually leave lying around.

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