The Movies We Loved From Sundance This Year

Judy Blume, Little Richard, and trans sex workers buoyed a particularly strong lineup, alongside films like Infinity Pool and Eileen.

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Image: MRC/Netflix; Focus Features; HBO

Innovative representation is not enough to make art great, but it can make already good art greater. This year’s Sundance slate, which we accessed remotely, had no shortage of stories that were unique in their telling, their subjects, or both. Trans sex workers shared alternately humorous and harrowing accounts of working Manhattan’s Meatpacking District in Kristen Lovell and Zackary Drucker’s The Stroll. The easy hypersexuality in some pockets of modern queer life was laid bare (literally) in Sebastian Silva’s riveting Rotting in the Sun. And the Black, queer foundation of rock and roll was explained simply and movingly in Lisa Cortés’ Little Richard: I Am Everything. Here are all the notable films that played the fest and will be coming your way soon.

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