The Next Season of Ryan Murphy's Feud Will Be About Prince Charles and Princess Diana


Ryan Murphy is still working hard at his goal of turning FX into a gayer version of The History Channel, as it’s just been announced that the second season of his anthology series Feud will explore the fraught relationship between Prince Charles and his late wife, Diana.

Though the upcoming first season, Bette and Joan, may have suggested a certain shallowness to Feud’s overall concept, THR reports Murphy envisions the series as being more than just woman versus woman. “[It’s a] two hander that’s really about the human dilemma of pain and misunderstanding,” he said at a recent event. “And I think you need a long period of time, maybe 20 to 40 years, to have a big back story.”

Diana, if you’ll recall, married Charles when she was 20. They had two children, William and Harry. At some point in the early ’80s, Charles reconnected with an old flame named Camilla, had an affair, the two divorced, and then the entire United Kingdom caught fire, after which—oh no, I just realized Murphy is probably gonna cast Emma Roberts as Diana. God help us.

Feud: Charles and Diana will premiere in 2018.

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