The Other Woman Will Be the Best Movie Ever


It feels as though they’ve been filming The Other Woman — or, as we call it around here, The First Wives Club II — for years now, judging from the number of paparazzi photos excitedly featuring Kate Upton’s breasts we’ve seen. But finally, the trailer is here, and it’s a sight to behold.

The Other Woman is about Cameron Diaz’s character finding out that women can’t be high-powered lawyers and have hot boyfriends at the same time, because her boyfriend is really married to Leslie Mann’s character. And then she and Leslie Mann’s character become best friends and find out that the man in question is also cheating on them with Kate Upton’s character. And then they all band together in a Blonde Brigade to get even. Let us count the ways this movie will be amazing.

  • It was directed by Nick Cassavetes aka Gena Rowland’s son aka the director of The Notebook
  • Leslie Mann is doing another very good job playing drunk and subsequently vomiting
  • “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha is used in the trailer
  • The one-handed incest brother from Game of Thrones is the man screwing over all these hot blondes
  • Nicki Minaj as Cameron Diaz’s work best friend
  • Nicki Minaj’s wigs
  • Taylor Kinney as “the hot guy”
  • Yes, Taylor Kinney is that hot guy from Chicago Fire
  • Did you know this is the same Taylor Kinney as the one dating Lady Gaga? Somehow I missed the memo about Gaga being afraid Cameron would “steal” Taylor away while they were working on this movie and my world has been blown to pieces
  • Use of a whiteboard to organize your revenge against a man just like in the original First Wives Club.
  • In real life, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz are both 41 years old which makes Leslie Mann saying to Cameron Diaz, “I am not ready to compete with women like you” sound very deep
  • This is the poster:

I want to live in this movie.

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