The Stylish Had Tricks Up Their Sleeves At The Magic Arts Awards


Joan Holloway, Carol Brady, Doogie Howser and a bunch of magicians? Sign us up! The 41st Annual Academy of Magical Arts Inc. Awards held at the Hollywood Avalon was as odd as you’d expect.

The Good:

The ageless Florence Henderson does chic basics to a T.

Whit Haydn is obviously a magician. His mustache is obviously awesome.

Neil Patrick Harris is a consistent red carpet class act.

I couldn’t decide how I felt about Becky Baeling’s getup for a long time; ultimately, I think she pulls it off.

as Erin Murphy shows, there’s something to be said for a classic Marilyn silhouette.

The Bad:

I think the gorgeous Christina Hendricks can look more amazing in clothes than almost anyone else…so why does she consistently choose these unflattering frocks?!

Zachary Quinto does two things I always take issue with: Sky Masterson costume and chucks with a suit.

What Say You?

When it comes to Farah Segal’s meta-bandage: call the photographers – or the Red Cross?

[Images via Getty]

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